5 Awe-inspiring Instagram accounts that will thrill book-lovers to bits

Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying the pretty cool climate. The rainy season is around the corner and it is the alluring climate for enjoying the coffee with the best ever book to read, that will leave you mesmerized and will keep you to the edge of your seat till the last page. Well, there are some of the best instagram accounts for book lovers to follow as these instagram accounts will take their reading passion to the next level.

There are people in this world, who have a great passion for the books and they keep their eyes glued to the best instagram account to follow. Some people love to follow different authors using instagram to know about the book which they are about to launch for the book readers around the globe and some of the bookstores, publishing houses, etc.

So, are you a book lover to the extreme?

If the answer to the above question is a big yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, you will know about the best ever instagram accounts which you must follow as the book lover, and these will make you grin from ear to ear.

Here is the list:

#1 @graywolfpress:

Well, there are many of the publishing houses on the instagram and are having whopping fan-following like @crownpublishing, @putnambooks, @inkquillspublishinghouse, @riverheadbooks, etc. Well, this one @graywolfpress is one of the best publishing house instagram acccount to follow by the book lovers to know about the books as per their choices and preferences, to read. Also, the must follow account by the writers who desire to get their book published. As you scroll through this instagram account, you will find various kinds of books in different genres, as per you reading interest.

InkQuills Publishing House Instagram

#2 @oliverskywolf:

Oliver is the person to follow on instagram. The man who himself loves to read books and, is a writer who dwells in California. He is the person, who, books of varied genres while he is goes to travel to any place. You must surely check out this instagram account, being a tue bibliophile.

#3 @fictionnotfriends:

This is yet another best instagram account to follow by the people who are the blend of instagram lovers and the book lovers, wholeheartedly. You will get to see multifarious gothic compositions in this particular instagram account. These gothic compositions also insert the books in the natural world of the stone, darkness, and also regarding the fire.

#4 @parnassusbooks:

This is yet another mind-boggling instagram account to watch out for, by the book lovers around the globe. It is a must-follow instagram account to be considered by the bibliophiles. It is one of the individual book store, nestled at Nashville and co-owned by the author Anne Patchett. This store also brags about the cohort regarding the cute pups and this will surely leave you gobsmacked. You will also find that the dogs are major characters in the Instagram account.

#5 @foldedpagesdistillery:

This is also one of the best instagram account and a must-follow by the book lovers worldwide. In this instagram, you will get to know about different books in chaotic, and these are quite interesting and have the detailed compositions when you check out this account.

Summing Up:

So, in a nutshell, the world desires to know about the creativity in different forms. The writing form is one such interest of the people. They desire to read some of the best books and desire to follow the best accounts on the instagram, being book-lovers to the extreme. In the above listed instagram accounts, you will know about the best things reading the books and many more things related to the books too. You will also get to read some noteworthy quotes, poetries, and many other literature pieces which will leave you amazed.

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Nikita Tak

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