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About Nikita.

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Nikita is an introvert at heart who loves to procrastinate. She spends most of her time reading or watching crimes shows because she hates to leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Her love of Dark Romance really began when she moved to the US and fell in love with reading all over again. She had no plans on ever writing a book or publishing but Cole was very persistent and now she can't think of doing anything else! 

She loves writing as much as she loves reading and can't wait to bring you more dark romance reads! The journey so far has been a dream thanks to all her amazing readers and she can't thank them enough for taking a chance on her books and loving those characters as much as she does! 


Fun Facts.

1. Writing was never on her radar but Cole Mancini was very persistent and demanded his story be written.

2. She used to write poems back in high school… lol that should’ve been a clue as to career direction.

3. Nikita is a total introvert who loves being at home most of her time.

4. She loves music and true crime shows.

5. She loves listening to instrumental music mainly the piano even though she can’t play it.

6. Most of her time is spent reading and she would literally cancel plans just to stay home and read.

7. She loves anything and everything to do with skulls.

8. Her favorite movie of all time is Titanic and her go to movie is King Arthur because Charlie Hunam is daddy lol.



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